The Revision Process

This week my sole priority has been ensuring that I finish a decent draft of my project to be submitted to the Ramonat panel by Monday, April 22nd. With that being said, I have been intensely writing and editing my paper for hours on end –I believe that the first ten pages of my essay have seen major redactions and changes. The other six are still within the editing process, but are coming along quite nicely. I can’t get too much in my head, though, I still have much to do within these next few days. I have been adding new paragraphs throughout my pages in order to clear up any ambiguities within my own writing, as well as to offer additional information into the premise of my argument. I know I still have to move some paragraphs around and change some of my topic/transition sentences, but I have a good grasp on what I want to argue.

As a writer, I have an intense habit to want to explain everything, including topics that are not relevant to my own topic. A major hurdle that I had to overcome was when I discussed the University of Illinois Navy Pier campus. Originally, I spend a solid two pages discussing its significance, when in reality, all that was needed was a paragraph briefly explaining why a new university had to be constructed in the first place. But that’s now fixed! Additionally, another major drawback to my whole paper was the lack of a sound organizational structure. I still need to complete more significant work on this; however, my introduction begins to set up what I initially want to say about the construction of UIC. Factoring Catholicism into ethnic prejudice definitely remains one of the more difficult portions of crafting a clear organizational structure, but I am in the midst of figuring it out. I have a general idea of how I want to factor this in, but it still remains to be seen if I can do it appropriately.

Editing is more fun to me than writing, but my issue lies with having to write the entire project before I can truly and effectively edit what I have. So, the frustrating part is writing it just in general. But, again, this is a process, so I’m learning. I have to be done by Monday, so I am dedicating my full attention to this.

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