The First Draft

What can be said about my first draft? If I am being honest, then not much. I am very much under the impression that I am far behind — I feel very overwhelmed and sense that I am highly underprepared. My draft, currently, only achieves at best 12 pages of a projected 25-30 pages. With regard to my own writing style, a critique that I have of myself is my expertise in being very vague, which may just demonstrate that I still have a ton of more research to do (in order to establish the specifics!), and little to no time to do it. I know what I want to say, it becomes now a matter of me writing it and then of course supporting it with quality evidence. But if I am being honest, I am so tired.

Regardless, I hope to April to be a time of rejuvenation for me. I hope to finally collect myself, my research, my time, and my undivided attention, and to really craft something special and unique in my young, historical career. More specifically, I think I finally figured out a quality argument regarding Daley that is more plausible and not as speculative. Essentially, via contemporaries of Daley and scholars of the Chicago Political Machine, Daley has been critiqued of crafting, promoting, and administering racist housing policies all across the West and South side areas of Chicago. However, such critiques comes later in Daley’s tenure as mayor. With respect to my own research into the construction of the University of Illinois at Chicago (erected in the early 1960s), my plan is to put forward the claim that this university’s construction acted as a precursor to Daley’s harsh and strict housing policies. However, instead of labeling the construction as racist, the construction can be considered symbolic of ethnic prejudice towards both the Italian-American and Greek-American residents of the Harrison-Halsted junction. Ultimately, the construction of the University of Illinois at Chicago acts as a precursor to Daley’s racist housing policies, which denied individuals the right to property in specific neighborhoods based on skin color.

In the end, consolidating this argument is what I hope to achieve. Let’s just hope that I can do it!

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